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Dandy Puppeteer’s 3rd Anniversary

Hello! Today is 10/10/23, which means it’s Dandy Puppeteer’s 3rd anniversary! We wanted to share a post to give an update regarding our upcoming Carnival Puppet collection and reflect on the last year.

We first previewed this collection on Instagram back in October 2021. As you may or may not know, Dandy Puppeteer is run by one person. We started off by the owner making handmade laser cut jewelry and have expanded into manufactured bulk goods as well, with clothing being our biggest goal. It’s a time consuming process that takes many stages of sampling and iteration and after this time, this collection is around 75% complete!

Here, you can see the dress, vest, pants, bonnet, blouse with detachable sleeves, mini hat, head bow, wristcuffs, and head bow. There were considerable changes to the designs from the first time I previewed them but they’re almost there! I had spent some time looking for a good alternative to the first samples’ polyester and found a lovely 100% Tencel fabric that was a similar color. I’m also developing matching over knee socks, a jewelry set, and an embroidered brooch, thus bringing the entire collection number to 13 individual pieces. I’ll be working on the Black x White colorways next and then testing the size chart over the next few months.

I’m tentatively anticipating that around March/April 2024 will be when I’ll be able to launch the Kickstarter but, of course this can change. I’m currently funding this collection (and sampling all my projects) through the shop’s sales and to be honest, 2023 has been a difficult year. The continuous increase in cost of living has been rough on everyone, but I want to keep working as best as I can at my own pace. I know this new estimate makes around 2 years since I first previewed the collection but I hope you will please wait just a tiny bit longer and please support the pre-order when it happens.

For everyone who has ever bought something from my shop, thank you so much! I always read the notes you leave and love seeing the photos you tag me in. It really means the world to me to know that there are people out there who really enjoy my designs. Please continue to look forward to our new projects as we approach year 4. Thank you so much!