Updated: 12/14/2021

  • What currency are the prices listed?
    • Prices are listed in USD (United States Dollar).
  • Do you ship internationally?
    • Yes, we do, please review our selection of shipping options in the Checkout menu. Dandy Puppeteer is located in the United States and we only ship through the United States Postal Service (USPS) with First Class or Priority Mail. Shipping costs are based on a combination of location, estimates, and insurance. We cannot mark down packages regarding customs, thank you for understanding. We currently do not ship to the United Kingdom from this website due to changes in VAT policy. Please use our UK Order Form to order from the UK.
  • Who makes Dandy Puppeteer?
    • Dandy Puppeteer is independently owned and operated by one artist. The artist designs the products, draws the artwork and marketing material, creates and maintains the website, and ships the packages. From October 2020 to March 2022, all jewelry collections were designed and cut in-house then assembled by hand by the artist. From April 2022 onward, jewelry is designed & prototyped by the artist in the US, cut and assembled in China, then completed in the US with final assembly by the artist. Clothing & cloth accessories are patterned and manufactured by an independent studio in the United States and various manufacturers in China. Additional products such as socks, enamel pins, washi tape, etc are also produced in China.
  • How does the Made-to-Order process work?
    • During a collection release, we offer a limited number in stock Ready-to-Ship and then offer the rest Made-to-Order. This means materials are sourced after your order is placed, assembled, and then shipped to you. Due to this process, you accept that assembly and shipment can take anywhere from 2-16 weeks after your order is placed and cannot be rushed ordered. The average turnaround time for handmade jewelry is 4 weeks. Made-to-Order items will list the expected production and delivery schedule so please read listings carefully.
  • What is the return/refund policy?
    • Unfortunately, we do not provide refunds. All jewelry sales are final. However, if your piece is damaged during transit or contains other notable problems, we are more than happy to discuss exchanging/replacing the piece.
  • Do you take payment plans?
    • Yes, we do. Please use the contact form on the Contact page to discuss with us a payment plan option. All payment plans require a non-refundable first down-payment and are only available while supplies last for a certain series. Should you choose not to finish the payment plan, the first payment will not be returned and the item(s) will go back into stock.
  • What is the jewelry made out of?
    • All jewelry is presently made out of acrylic plastic, acetate, or wood. Rings and chains are stainless steel only. Please be aware that steel contains nickel. Hardware is typically aluminum or steel. Beads are plastic and glass. Acrylics are sourced from manufacturers and suppliers located in the US, the UK, China, and Japan. Beads and metals findings are sourced from the US, Czech Republic, and China. Our ring bases are sourced from an independent creator in Indonesia and a reputable jewelry company in China. Enamel pins are typically coated to avoid metal-to-skin contact and are sourced from reputable manufacturers in China.
  • Can I get a different ring base? / Can my piece be made without any steel?
    • Due to our supply process, we unfortunately can not provide any alternative ring bases to our standard base at this moment. However, if you’d like to substitute your own ring base, any ring can be made without the ring base attached. Please leave a note to exclude the ring base in the comment box during Checkout. We unfortunately cannot make necklaces without steel as all findings and chains are sourced from stainless steel.
  • My piece has broken, what can I do?
    • Each piece comes with care instructions necessary for ensuring the longevity of your piece as acrylic is a fragile material. If damage or breakage happens outside of the realm of normal wear & tear or extreme human error, please feel free to contact us to discuss the possibility of a replacement. If your piece breaks and is part of one of the handmade collections released before 2022, we will replace it while acrylic supplies are available.