Brand Launch/ Vampire Stand Collection

Hello and welcome to the launch of Dandy Puppetrois! Dandy is the culmination of lots of work and planning, a massive labor of love that stems from a strong of love of Japanese Lolita Fashion. We aim to create inclusive pieces that suit all substyles of Lolita Fashion as well as other styles of Japanese Fashion.

Our first series Vampire Stand was inspired by the idea of carnival treats but with a playfully gruesome twist. This collection hopes to define a lot of what to expect from Dandy Puppetrois as a brand. The collection includes 5 pieces total with one artwork in print or postcard format.

There are only a limited amount of pieces available from launch. These will be shipped out and arrive in time for Halloween coordinates. Backorders afterward will be part of our Made-to-Order process which you can find out more about in our FAQ.

The photoshoot was a lot of fun trying to capture the silliness of the concept but the allure of a vampire. A major thank you to my partner for being my muse. Please check out our Photos page for more of the photoshoot!

2020 overall has been a year with much uncertainty and fear so starting something like this, a concept that has been dear to our heart for so long but only until recently was able to obtain the resources to pursue, has been a major beacon of hope. We hope you’ll stick around and see what more we want to create! A special thank you to Bay Area Kei for hosting Gramarye 2020 and letting us experience our first event as a brand.

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